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That's where you and your obesity part ways.

Our highly experienced team of bariatric surgeons performs a wide range of surgeries. They are dedicated to curing your weight loss issues for the long-term relief from obesity. The most experienced and passionate BMI surgical staff members are Dr. Amir Aryaie and Dr. Gonzalez-Jacobo. The third is our respected Christine Paulin, FNP.

Why is the BMI Surgical
Institute in Atlanta for your weight loss surgery?

There are lots of traditional weight loss options available. For example, exercise, a strict diet schedule and medications. But what if all of this is failing, and you want to overcome your obesity because it is bringing other hazardous diseases along with it? These include high blood pressure, heart disease, Type 2 diabetes, and sleep apnea.

Stop worrying. Book your weight loss surgery in Atlanta with highly skilled physicians passionate about their patients and their weight loss journey.

Suppose you are considering bariatric surgery in Atlanta. In that case, our team is here to provide you with the health care that is crucial to you within a very safe and professional environment.


BMI Surgical Institute is a bariatric center. It is dedicated to providing the most modern and technical solutions and surgeries for weight loss.
We have excellence in the below-mentioned fields of interest:

1.Bariatric surgery:

Book your weight loss surgery with highly skilled bariatric surgeons in Atlanta. Having command of these bariatric surgeries:

Gastric bypass:

It is a surgical procedure. The surgeons remove a much more significant middle portion of your small intestine, and the first and last parts are connected. Contact our privileged BMI surgical institute if you are considering gastric bypass in Atlanta.

Sleeve gastrectomy:

It is a laparoscopic surgery in Atlanta for weight loss purposes. It involves the removal of 70-85% of your stomach, and it is a very safe bariatric procedure showing success over a decade. Our professionals provide promising treatments for sleeve gastrectomy in Atlanta. They do so with the assistance of our BMI surgical institute.

Gastric banding:

It is a bariatric surgery that involves the placement of a silicone-inflated adjustable gastric band, also called a lap band. It aims to reduce consumption and treat obesity. BMI Surgical Institute, a bariatric clinic in Atlanta, aims to conduct weight loss surgeries with our professionals’ expertise and collaborative efforts.

Seeking weight loss options in Atlanta or obesity surgery in Atlanta, you must know about metabolic and bariatric surgeries. And now, you will have a broader view of our expertise.

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BMI Surgical Institute’s approach to your health is compassionate and always focused on achieving you positive outcomes. We are well known for providing a strong range of surgical interventions from one of the most respected specialists in Atlanta.

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We offer important and affordable treatments at our state-of-the-art outpatient surgery institute where we treat all of our patients with kindness.

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Our team of specialists provides top-quality, advanced procedures for acid reflux, hernia repair, weight loss, esophageal motility disorders, and much more!

Surgical Institute

At BMI Surgical Institute, our bariatric surgeons are well known for their ability to push the pace at the leading edge of the latest developments in bariatrics and weight loss procedures.

Dieting And Exercise

If you are someone struggling with their weight where dieting and exercise simply failed to work, BMI Surgical Institute is for you.


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BMI Surgical Institute Provides Innovative and Standard Treatments in Bariatric and Weight Loss Procedures. Select from our full list on our website to see which treatment might be right for you. Calculate your BMI with our very intuitive software and schedule a consultation with Dr. Amir Aryaie Today!
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Weight Loss Surgery Atlanta:

BMI Surgical Institute

Our innovative and compassionate team of physicians, practitioners and support staff all operate with one common goal

Helping you achieve the best version of you, possible!

BMI Surgical Institute is a practice devoted to providing today’s most advanced procedures and comprehensive care that supports the optimal health of every patient. Located in Atlanta, Georgia, our team is here for any surgical and non-surgical needs you may have!


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Treatment Options in Atlanta



BMI Surgical Institute of Atlanta is the center of excellence and a cooperative patient environment.
You can also be privileged to be a part of our innovative bariatric surgical community. Treat yourself with our surgeons, having keen expertise in weight loss surgeries.

Please book a consultation with our skilled professionals. Learn how you can lose weight with highly equipped surgeries by our experienced physicians.

Your journey to a new and healthy, obese-free life starts here.

Weight Loss Surgery

What Are Your Weight Loss
Surgery Options Atlanta?

At BMI Surgical Institute, we provide individuals with several minimally invasive approaches for their weight loss surgery. We believe that you are always the most important aspect of the decision making process in selecting the appropriate surgery for you.

Are You a Candidate
For Weight Loss Surgery?

At BMI Surgical Institute, we always make it a point to work together as a team.Our bariatric and weight loss treatments are customized for your individual needs, goals, and medical conditions or comorbidities. Body Mass Index
is an important factor, among others, in determining whether you qualify as a good candidate for obesity surgery. Find out if you qualify and what to expect from Bariatric Surgery right here, in Atlanta!