WATS 3D Biopsy

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How is a WATS 3D Biopsy Performed?

The WATS 3D Biopsy device and brush is used to collect the cellular material and retracted. The material is then transferred and analyzed.

What is a WATS 3D Biopsy in Atlanta?

A WATS 3D Biopsy is a relatively new brush-based sampling technique that is combined with a computer-synthesized 3-dimensional image of the resultant tissue that strives to fill the gaps left by the standard cytology brush.

How Long Does a WATS 3D Biopsy Take?

The WATS 3D Biopsy takes only a few minutes in most cases! So you can get in and get out.


Are There Risks Associated with WATS 3D Biopsy?

WATS 3D Biopsy is a very safe procedure. No complaints or complications have been report thus far by our patients.

Advantages of the WATS 3D Biopsy?

The WATS 3D Biopsy is easy to perform and there is a greater diagnostic yield. This results in an increase of accuracy and it allows the physician to find more diseases.

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