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POEM Surgery at BMI Surgical Institute

Peroral Endoscopic Myotomy in Atlanta
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Owner and Founder of BMI Surgical Institute, Dr. Aryaie,  remains as one of the very few advanced endoscopic surgeons in the entire United States who perform POEM procedure as an operation for achalasia.

POEM Surgery Procedure & Operation Explained:

Dr Aryaie POEM Surgery

Peroral endoscopic myotomy (POEM) is the endoscopic equivalent of surgical myotomy and a newer technique for the management of achalasia.

POEM Surgery or operation, utilizes the principles of submucosal endoscopy to transform the submucosal layer in the esophagus and proximal stomach into a tunnel. This tunnel is through which the esophageal and gastric myotomy are carried, out using a flexible endoscope.

POEM Operation is performed perorally without any incisions in the chest or abdomen with minimal pain and fast recovery!

This is a new procedure and very few surgeons around the country are offering this novel treatment approach achalasia.

In some studies the POEM Operation was superior to Heller myotomy (another surgical option), especially for type III achalasia.

In addition, conditions such as “Jack Hammer Esophagus” and “diffuse esophageal spasms” can be treated with POEM procedure.

Heller Myotomy: this is a done laparoscopic or Robotic through small incision in the abdomen. This is a surgical procedure in which the muscles of the cardia (lower esophageal sphincter or LES) are cut, allowing food and liquids to pass to the stomach.

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