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What Should I Expect Post-Bariatric Care to Be Like?

Post-Bariatric Care in Atlanta at BMI Surgical Institute takes on a mind & body approach.

Post-Bariatric Care – also known as care after bariatric surgery, includes routine follow-up visits, maintaining planned diets, exercise, and lifestyle modifications.


Our innovative and compassionate team of physicians, practitioners and support staff all operate with one common goal:

Helping you achieve the best version of you, possible!

BMI Surgical Institute is a practice devoted to providing today’s most advanced procedures and comprehensive care that supports the optimal health of every patient. Located in Atlanta, Georgia, our team is here for any surgical and non-surgical needs you may have!

Importance of Post-Bariatric Care

One of the consqequences and fears faced when seeking weight-loss surgery is the fear of weight regain.

This fear is 100% understandable.

Patients report friends or family members struggling to lose weight and succeeding after a long battle, only to regain ALL of the weight back and more.

If this sounds like something you’ve heard of or are currently worried about, BMI Surgical Institute has great news for you!

With weight-loss surgery, the weight lossed post-operatively (after the operation) can be maintain throughout a long period of time. Sometimes an entire life!

The important thing to remind ourselves is this:

Obesity is a chronic disease that is not cured by surgery!

Bariatric Surgery provides a powerful tool for significant weight-loss, but without proper care, the treatment can lose its effectiveness, leading to weight regain.

Post-Bariatric Care: Avoid Weight Regain

It is crucial in the prevention of weight regain after your surgery to make sure your weight loss surgery team in Atlanta provides you with education and you as the patient, continue to follow-up with the team as well.

Prior to the surgery and after, it is important for patients to learn how to use the surgery they just underwent in order to truly and effectively achieve weight loss success.

As a patient in the Post-Bariatric Surgery stage, you should expect to be involved in counseling of:

Behavioral health

Post-Bariatric Care: Why Would I Regain Weight?

It has been studied and well documented that the majority of people regain their weight after bariatric surgery as a result of falling back into unhealthy habits in addition to the chronic nature of Obesity.

List of Reasons For Regaining Weight After Weight Loss Surgery:

1. Stretching of the stomach pouch (pouch dilatation)
2. Stretching of the junction between the pouch and intestine (stoma dilatation)
3. Adjustable gastric band system problem (balloon leak, hole in tubing, port disconnection, etc.),
4. Abnormal connections (gastric-gastric fistula due to staple line breakdown).
5. Rarely, weight regain can occur due to some medical conditions such as pregnancy, thyroid issues, adrenal issues, and new medications.