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Bariatric Treatment Explained

Apollo Bariatric Treatment is available in Atlanta with BMI Surgical Institute.

The Apollo bariatric treatment is a revision surgery to restore your stomach to the smaller size it had after your primary bariatric surgery.

Some people who have undergone bariatric surgery to reduce the size of the stomach pouch start to regain excess weight over time.

These patients regained weight as the result of the reduced stomach pouch stretching, allowing more food to be consumed. That is where the Apollo Bariatric Treatment comes in!

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BMI Surgical Institute is a practice devoted to providing today’s most advanced procedures and comprehensive care that supports the optimal health of every patient. Located in Atlanta, Georgia, our team is here for any surgical and non-surgical needs you may have!

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Weight After Bariatric Surgery?

Patients who experience regaining weight after bariatric surgery (weight that was initially lost), it is important to reach out to BMI Surgical Institute and schedule a consultation. You may qualify for the Apollo Bariatric Treatment in Atlanta.


Apollo Bariatric

Treatment: Revision Surgery

The Apollo Bariatric Treatment procedure is performed endoscopically.

For the procedure, a patient will be under anesthesia, so they are comfortable throughout the duration of the treatment.

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Apollo Bariatric Treatment FAQs

The benefits of the Apollo Bariatric treatment are listed below. This form of advanced bariatric surgery in Atlanta offers many benefits to patients who have regained weight after bariatric surgery. 

Patients may qualify for Apollo Bariatric Treatment if they experience some or all regained weight lost after the initial bariatric surgery.

Health insurance may not cover the Apollo Bariatric Treatment and procedure.

For a more comprehensive understanding of the Apollo Bariatric Treatment, please schedule a consultation with us today!