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Possible Gastric Balloon For Your Weight Loss in Atlanta?

BMI Surgical Institute Provides Innovative and Standard Weight Loss Treatments in the Bariatric Surgery specialty. Specifically, intragastric balloon (gastric Balloon) procedures are available for qualified patients!

The intragastric balloon system for body weight loss can effectively help patients. Heading over six months, the procedure operates accordingly. The weight loss procedure involves saline-filled balloon insertion in the stomach. Placing an intragastric balloon is a temporary process. The technique doesn’t require surgery. Balloon placement may be an option if you have concerns about your lifestyle. It may be beneficial when your diet and exercises have not worked for you. You would have to develop a long-term diet and exercise habits for effective treatment.

Possible Gastric Balloon For Your Weight Loss in Atlanta?

Research has very clearly demonstrated that the intragastric balloon procedure is very effective. It is a safe addition to lifestyle changes that promote weight loss in obese patients. Furthermore, weight loss has been maintained even after the Balloon is removed. The bariatric weight loss program plays an essential role in Atlanta. Customised programs help in attaining a positive lifestyle. A quick summary and takeaway for individuals considering gastric balloon intervention: The intragastric Balloon is an intermediate avenue between lifestyle change and intensive bariatric surgery options.

Patients have come to find that gastric balloons are more effective than standard lifestyle interventions. That being said, it is also more cost-effective than total Bariatric Surgery.

What to expect from Intragastric Balloon Placement

  • When you undergo gastric balloon placement, it is typically performed as an endoscopic outpatient procedure.
  • After the balloon is inserted into a patient’s stomach, the balloon is filled with a saline solution.
  • As with most weight loss procedures, patients may experience reduction of severe comorbid conditions.
  • These conditions include but are not entirely limited to: diabetes, hypertension, and dyslipidemia.

What are different types of Gastric Balloon Options?

There are several types of it. Gastric balloons, on the other hand, should not be confused with other bariatric surgeries, such as a gastric bypass. A gastric bypass is a surgical treatment that generates a smaller stomach for the patient. The final result is the same – reduced stomach space leads to weight loss via smaller portion sizes – but gastric bypasses are more invasive and thus riskier than non-surgical weight loss balloon deployments.

Orbera is an FDA-approved weight loss device that helps patients lose weight three times as diet and exercise alone but does not require surgery. A surgeon inserts the Balloon into the stomach endoscopically. This implies they insert the deflated Balloon into the stomach through the mouth.

The Obalon balloon system for weight loss is similar to the Orbera balloon in that it occupies space in your stomach for six months. Instead of the Balloon being threaded into the stomach endoscopically, the patient consumes a capsule attached to a tiny tube. Once in the stomach, the surgeon fills the Balloon with a gas. You then return two weeks later to place a second balloon and, if necessary, another two weeks later to insert a third and final balloon. Each Balloon is the size of a tiny orange. The rest of the steps are the same as with Orbera.

The Allurion (previously Ellipsе) Balloon is billеd as the “only gastric balloon in thе world without еndoscopy.” It is put in thе stomach, like Obalon balloons, following a 20-minutе visit with your doctor. You swallow a tubе containing thе dеflatеd Balloon, which is thеn fillеd with salinе in your stomach. This is possible without anеsthеtic sincе you havе complеtе control ovеr thе procеss. A fast X-ray dеtеrminеs whеthеr or not thе Balloon is in thе propеr location.

The Spatz gastric balloon functions similarly to thе previous options, with onе kеy еxcеption: it is adjustablе to accеpt salinе fill volumеs ranging from 400 cc to 800 cc. This pеrmits thе surgеon to adjust thе serve sizе as nееdеd to еnsurе that it functions propеrly.
As thе intragastric slееvе tеchniquе advancеs in addition to also bеing a common outpatiеnt еndoscopic procedure, different typеs of balloons and mechanisms arе available to patiеnts who qualify. At BMI Surgical Institutе, we offer patients at our Atlanta location the Orbеra Balloon and Obalon Balloon.

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