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What Exactly is
Weight Loss Surgery Revision?

Weight Loss Surgery Revision takes place when weight gain occurs after gastric bypass surgery is performed. This takes place in about half of all patients within two years.

In light of this statistic, with weight regain, the average patient still keeps off over 60% of their excess weight after five years following weight loss surgery.

Weight Loss Surgery Revision By the Numbers:

About 80% of morbidly obese and 65% of super obese patients will maintain at least 50% of their excess weight off after ten years!

What Exactly is

Bariatric surgery revision?

Bariatric surgery revision , also known as revisional bariatric surgery, is a surgical procedure performed to modify or correct a previous bariatric surgery (such as gastric sleeve, Gastric bypass, Duodenal Switch, gastric band, or other type of bariatric surgery) that has not achieved the desired weight loss or has resulted in complications. It is typically done when initial weight loss goals are not met, weight regain occurs, or when there are unresolved medical issues following the initial surgery.

There are various reasons why someone may undergo bariatric surgery revision, including:

Bariatric surgery revision is a complex procedure that requires careful evaluation and planning by a specialized bariatric surgeon. The specific approach and techniques used will depend on the individual circumstances and the nature of the revision needed. It is important for individuals considering revisional surgery to consult with one of the providers at BMI Surgical Institute to discuss the potential benefits, risks, and expected outcomes.


What Exactly is
The Transoral Outlet Reduction (TORe)

The Transoral Outlet Reduction (TORe) procedure is a revisional bariatric surgery technique performed to address weight regain or inadequate weight loss after a previous gastric bypass surgery. It is designed to reduce the size of the stomach outlet (stoma) to restrict the passage of food, thereby promoting further weight loss.

During the TORe procedure, an endoscope is inserted through the mouth into the stomach. Using specialized tools, the surgeon manipulates and sutures the tissues around the stomach outlet, effectively narrowing its diameter. This tightening of the outlet aims to enhance restriction and control the amount of food that can pass through, leading to increased satiety and potential weight loss.

The outcome of the TORe procedure can vary from patient to patient. While it may help promote further weight loss and address weight regain, the specific results depend on various factors, including the patient’s adherence to post-operative guidelines, individual characteristics, and the expertise of the surgical team.

In some cases, the TORe TORe procedure has shown positive outcomes, leading to successful weight loss and improved overall health. However, it is important to note that the procedure carries potential risks and complications, and the long-term effectiveness of TORe as a stand-alone procedure is still being evaluated.

As with any surgical procedure, it is crucial to consult with a qualified a bariatric surgeon at BMI Surgical Institute who can provide personalized information, evaluate individual eligibility, and discuss the potential benefits, risks, and expected outcomes of the TORe TORe procedure based on your specific circumstances.

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Prevent Weight


It’s important to prevent weight regain as much as possible and thereby not requiring weight loss revision surgery.

Patients after a gastric sleeve or a type of gastric bypass surgery may experience weight regain.

What About
Gastric Sleeve Revision?

Gastric sleeve revision (GSRe) is a type of weight loss surgery revision procedure whereby the stomach decreases in size after patients undergo a Gastric Sleeve Gastrectomy. 

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Gastric Outlet Reduction

Ttransoral outlet revision-TORe is commonly known as Transoral Gastric Outlet Reduction.